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People are at the heart of this business.  For 50 years we have been proud to contribute to some of the country’s biggest infrastructure projects and it is the expertise of our team that drives our success. 

We prioritise the safety and wellbeing or our people and employ more than 900 talented team members across New Zealand and Australia.  We support individual development, encourage creativity and work together to make big things happen.

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National Stormwater Category Manager
“Hynds has provided me with lots of opportunities. In two years, I was promoted to a Stormwater Business Development Engineer looking after the entire capital region. Two years later, I was given an opportunity to take over as the Stormwater Category Manager.

I was put forward for an award for the National Association of Women in Construction – ‘Rising star in the construction industry – office based’ and I was chosen as one of the finalists for the awards. I was also given the opportunity to be a member of the Hynds Foundation group and acted as a mentor to young students from Manurewa High School who have been offered engineering scholarships.

Hynds looks after its people. I am not just another hand at work. I have been made to feel like I belong to a massive family.

There is always a new opportunity around the corner within Hynds and the team has so much faith in you. That feeling cannot be replaced.”


Production Engineer
“Over the last five years, I have been fortunate enough to work with all of the concrete manufacturing sites in different capacities ranging from junior engineer to currently managing a prestress and precast production facility. Hynds has enabled me to enhance my skill set and grow as a leader, which has ultimately meant I can slot into different areas to suit business needs.

Hynds has a very good foundation and treats everyone as family rather than employees, which makes it unique. Hynds always has a personal touch for every team member making everyone feel special.

During my time here Hynds has grown bigger and better and I was fortunate enough to see that growth personally which makes it special wearing the brand on my chest.

Coming from a different culture and country, Hynds welcomed me to the family. Hynds has helped me to grow and develop as a person and as a leader, and to progress my career.”


Branch Manager, Rotorua
“I had tried several different industries, including dairy farming and forestry. But it was a customer service role at Hynds that started my journey to becoming a Hynds Branch Manager.

In eight years I have been privileged to have the opportunity to move positions within the company, as my strengths grew. When I started in customer service, I was brand new to the industry so I hope I am a good role model for others to show you can grow your career within the company.

There is always something new to learn and someone new to meet and I truly believe in our Hynds values and what they represent.

I have been lucky enough to work with an amazing group of people through my time with Hynds – other team members, managers, reps and support staff throughout the company. I am so grateful for the knowledge and support of others in our business as I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Besides providing the best customer service for customers, the two most important things are trust and fun. It is great knowing your team has each other’s backs and will support each other with all aspects of the job. I want my team to always enjoy coming to work each day like I do.”


Branch Manager, Hynds Water Albany
“I was new to the industry when I started with Hynds, but as my grandad was a well driller through the Rodney district in the early days of domestic water supply there, it was an area I was interested in. It is a personal honour to be involved with providing products that allow people access to water, much like my grandad and his brother did in the 1960s.

Our coverage of the country has increased dramatically over the past 25 years, and because of this, the business structure has changed to suit. Many of the suppliers have also become part of the Hynds group in this time, like Gillies, Hygrade and Waters and Farr.

There are plenty of people, team mates, customers and suppliers who have made my time at Hynds enjoyable. And many very memorable projects, like assisting Watercare contractors all hours of the night as they battled to re-connect water lines during the Auckland storms in early 2023.

Hynds has given me many opportunities to work in different areas of the business which has made the time here interesting and one where I’m always learning.”


Hynds Water National Manager
“Back when I started, we were a very small team with a heap of passion and a huge desire to win. We focused on what we can do better with every project we won. We had a saying and a strong belief that we were only as good as the last project we supplied, so we were constantly focused on improving our performance and winning more projects.

The biggest change in my time has been pure size. The ‘change to grow’ was a great strategy as we have kept those same values as what we had back when we were a small business - it’s been a very successful combination.

It’s been a great career, with amazing opportunities. I have made lifetime friends that started out as colleagues and customers. This continues today, it’s the number of good sorts that keep us in this industry and company. You can have the best product, the most branches and the biggest factories but it’s always about the people.”


Technical Advisor
“My first job was Technical Services Engineer, familiarising myself with New Zealand design requirements and specifications, designing precast concrete products and learning about the manufacture of spun precast concrete pipe. One year later I was promoted to Technical Services Manager, a post that I held for over 20 years. While my title remained the same my responsibilities changed and grew significantly.

I am immensely proud of my achievements at Hynds over the last 23 years where I had the opportunity to develop many new products, improve existing products and creating many of the product trademarks that today are very well established and accepted by the industry.

From an Industry perspective I have had the opportunity to contribute through participating in Standards Committees, Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia and other organisations. Being recognised by my peers in the New Zealand Engineering community when I was made a Fellow of Engineering New Zealand is a career highlight I am enormously proud of.

All the above would not have been possible without the support and confidence in my abilities shown by Hynds over the many years.”


Assistant Manager, Hamilton Branch
“When I started, Hynds was a small family business with a great culture. In a predominantly male oriented industry, Hynds had a large number of female team members who did all sorts of jobs, so a country girl like me fitted in perfectly and I absolutely loved it.

The size of Hynds and the faces have changed the most, but the culture and the emphasis put on people, including customers, is still greatly appreciated and treasured, and we still have a lot of fun.

Our Branch Manager Gary Mangino and I have worked together for 21 years. We both make sure that the Hamilton Branch continues to have fun. We all work well together and our branch is often full of laughter, whilst working hard of course!

People often say how can you stay in one job for so long? Easy, I work with an awesome group of people and for a truly unique and caring family, so thank you to all of the Hynds family, and I look forward to whatever my future at Hynds brings.”

We're proud of the long tenure of many of our people

In an era where change is constant, we are exceptionally proud that many of our team members have been an integral part of our journey for a number of years.

We regularly celebrate the commitment and dedication of our people in our 20+ Club.  Their tenure isn’t just testament to their skills and expertise, but a reflection of the genuine care and camaraderie that defines our working environments. 

We are thrilled to recognise these individuals who have contributed their skills and loyalty to Hynds, and have been an important part of the Hynds story. Thank you to you all.

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